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William Spiritdancer, founder of Movie What!

About the founder, My name is William Spiritdancer and I have been making films since around 1999.   I am interested in making a difference with my movies, what I call Spiritual Filmmaking.  Not only do I want to use spiritual techniques in the film making process but I also want to make films that touch and inspire people in a spiritual way.  I believe all films have a spiritual impact, either negative or positive so another thing I want to do is help bring attention to the filmmaking community about the power and influence our craft has on the world at large. A responsibility we should not take lightly.

I am currently working on a miniseries for children called Star Kids.  I also run a personal development blog called Dream Warrior which talks about the Spirit, Art and Purpose of life.  You can find out about all of our projects at Dream Power.   See you in the fun!

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