Are you a filmmaker? If so, do it with confidence..

If you have decided to be a filmmaker my advice to you is to boldly move into it with confidence.  Your first work doesn’t have to be genius for you to make it.  Filmmaking is a journey and you are constantly learning and changing.  The key is to just see it through. See, this is […]

Why Kickstarter may not be worth it after all

So after researching and actually using I came to the same conclusion I had come to several years ago. That is better but now I have an even better revelation. That unless you are not internet savvy enough to have your own website that you might as well just make your own donation/perks […]

Cool Tool Series: Pivot

I my research I uncovered a tool called Pivot a while back. It’s really fun and my son and his friend play with it all the time. The thing about Pivot is that it’s easy to use and most importantly fun!  Watch kids because they only do what’s fun so if they are producing something […]

Cool Tools Series: Intro – Free tools change filmmaking game

I have been checking out all the great tools on the Internet lately that can help with artistic creation especially animation, games and indie filmmaking.  There are a lot of good tools out there and they seem to be getting better everyday.  Most of them are free and fun and liberating.  So I guess this […]

A Letter to Hollywood on Piracy

If you would release everything in every format, at a fair price, most people would choose quality over piracy any day. People don’t like to wait. Why would you wait when you can have it now for free? You seem to think you are the disney vault and anticipation’s going to make you want to pay more for it….umm no. That only works if you have no other choice and the movie is really special- more often that not- it isnt. If i want a diet coke i dont want to wait 6 months, i want it now. If i have access to a free soda fountain i’m not going to pay for that either. I figures it evens out for overpaying for it before.

How to Manipulate People with Music in Your Movie!

Just stumbled on this funny vid on the power of music in film by the guys at Film Riot. Film Riot? What a cool name? Why didn’t I think of that for MY film blog?  Anyway check it out.

Canon DSLR shortfilms

A collection of short films shot with the Canon 5D Mark II. I think these films proves that this camera is a real film camera. If you are a filmmaker please leave a comment telling me what you think of this new camera. To learn more about this camera at Canon’s website: Http://