So after researching and actually using I came to the same conclusion I had come to several years ago. That is better but now I have an even better revelation. That unless you are not internet savvy enough to have your own website that you might as well just make your own donation/perks page and just promote that. This way you do not have to deal with the hassles of Kickstarter (delayed payments, have to use Amazon payments, have to wait till your goal is reached to get payment or not at all, a 5% fee even if you do reach your goal) nor Indiegogo (take 9% if you do not reach your goal too). People seem to think all you have to do is put up a page on those sights and money will just magically flow in. This is not true unless you already happen to be famous and very well connected. For most of us you will have to work very very hard to get any contributions. If that is the case you might as well do it yourself, as in have your own crowdfunding/donations page. What Kickstarter does is force you to think about your project and make it appealing enough to get donations. Sine you have to do that work anyway, you might as well just do your own page. A kickstarter/Indiegogo page has four main elements that you can copy and do on your own donation page:

1. Perks.
2. A nice video.
3. A nice written description.
4. A way for people to share the page with their network.

Since you have to do all the work to make elements anyway, all Kickstarter and Indiegogo are doing is providing you with a web framework or outline. Just one page really. With (a free web tool), Youtube and Paypal. I was able to recreate this framework on our Star Kids Movie site in one day. Check it out here:

There is also the game aspect to Kickstarter (as in the fact that there is a deadline and that you will not get any funds unless your goal is achieved.) But you can do this yourself if you want. Since we have to do all the work to raise the funds anyway, just what value exactly are these sites providing?  What’s been your experience?

Why Kickstarter may not be worth it after all

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