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I have researched the web and put together this collection of test footage of the Canon 5D Mark II HD Camera. It includes, night shots, short films and nature footage, all of which should help you decided if this is the camera for you. I mainly did this for independent filmmakers and those who are considering this camera to shoot a feature length film. That was my need and I have decided to go ahead and use this camera to shoot my film “Star Kids“. I like this camera because of it’s low light capability, which means we will need almost no light setups, which will save us an infinite amount of time.

I also like the simplicity of the camera, and from what I have seen it is pretty much a point and shoot camera, which is what I want. I want to enjoy film making and not spend all of my time doing setups. Setups mean more people, more complications etc. I really just want a minimum crew, just enough to shoot and no more. I also like the small footprint of the camera and the fact that you can shoot with it from almost any angle, again with very little setup. Basically it looks like it would be a really fun camera to shoot with. And let’s not forget the low cost compared to other prosumer cameras of the same level.

You can see my collections of footage below:

Canon 5D Mark II Nighttime Footage

Canon 5D Mark II Beautiful Footage

Canon 5D Mark II Shortfilm Footage

Let me know what you think.

A Collection of Canon 5D Mark II Test Footage for filmmakers

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