Man I just finished editing the rehearsal footage from Snoqualmie falls and i made an amazing discovery! that i already have everything I need to do this project. I don’t’ know why i thought it had to be this big project to happen. even with the right footage we had from that day I was able to put together a cohesive entertaining story. I showed to my kids and their friends and they loved it. its very rough and crude abut what it showed me is that we can start doing this now. we don’t have to wait till we have tons of money or for the summer to roll around. the other cool thing is that i saw this cool film called The Story of Stuff. its really good. its a 20 min documentary about how we are destroying the planet with all of our industrial production and consumer ism. what i also liked about it was the fact that it was a non profit film funded by the tides foundation and i like the way they are using the internet to get it out. so far i have seen three films that are successfully using the internet to get distributed, two of which are non profit and use the economics of love model. the commercial one is Zen noir which i hear is being distributed solely via internet by its producer and made $40,000 on its first day via internet dvd sales from the website. the other is Elephant Man you can see it at Elephants Dream which raises money by getting donations by preselling the dvd. They are working on their second film. Anyway both of these films made me realize we can successfully distribute the film using the economics of love via the internet. So that’s what we have decided to do. We are going to make star kids an episodic internet miniseries. This way we can start filming now with what we have. As time goes on and as we get better equipment and learn better technique’s the episodes will improve. As we finish each episode we can distribute them via the internet. when we have enough for a dvd we will make a compilation of episodes. i really love this idea because now i can have fun doing the film now. worrying about how it was going to get done in the summer and how we were going to raise tons of money was really taking all the joy and fun out of it. and as you may or may not know i believe joy and fun are central to the true success of a project. so stay tuned. for episode 1 and we will post the Snoqualmie falls rehearsal as soon as we can.

The big project trap

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