There are tons of grants out there to help you make your movie.  As I learn about them I will add them to this list.  Please let me know in the comments of any you may know about.

Roy W. Dean Film and Writing Grants

Grants for Individuals : Film

Chez Jim: Financing Film

AIVF | association for independent video and filmmakers
Grants and FAQ’S

Greg Pak’s FilmHelp: Grants
How to apply for Grants with links

National Endowment for the Humanities

Moxie Films
MoxieDocs Co-production Award…moxdocscontent

CPB — corporation for public broadcasting
how to write grant proposals

Film Arts Foundation Grants

NYFA Interactive…5&fid=1&sid=54

IFP fiscal sponsorship

Film Arts Foundation Grants

Solaris Completion Partners Fund


Get a grant to make your film!

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